Fred Firth's WWI letters

September 8th 1916

This letter is probably from Fred's aunt Annie, born Annie Firth.

Manse Side Marsden Sept 8th/16

Dear Fred
I was sorry to learn you had gone to France, although we know It was what you was training for, well my lad you are doing your bit, I do hope it will not be long and heavey, I dare say you will know it is Marsden Feast, nearly everbody is off and all is very quite, last Sunday their was only 6 in the top at the Chapel, that includes organist singers and blowers of which your Cooper was one, so you may be sure it was a very tame
[First page ends here]

affair, their was not many at night, but he keep them in untill a quarter to eight so he had is ining anyway, I was up at Gatehead last night they are much the same as when you left, I have not been very well lately, I am like your Aunt Jane uses to say – "done, dee when I will, but you keep know Firths keep trailing on, we have not been away this time so last week I said to Daniel I would like a bit of a taste for the Feast either a Duck or a Chicken, well he
[Second page ends here]

could not get one in Marsden so he went to Huddersfield for one, of course I cooked it, and helped to eat it, thinking what a good Duck it was, when he told me it was a Cock Chicken so you can just immagen what hoting I got for not finding it out myself, well I got over it and was no worse for it, you know the Curate lives in John Bradleys house Mrs Eveans was telling us that they lockedes themself out the other week and he was trying to go down the coal shunt when he got fast just immage all that 
[Third page ends here]

length being fast in a coal shunt poor chap he as some bother in is wedded life, I dare say they will have told [you] about our eggs and flower service, don't you think we did well to get ten pounds and all those eggs we are doing our best but I think sometimes we shall have to shut it up for we are nearly at the far end, well I hope you are very well and if you have time to write we shall be very glad to hear from you and you know Fred wherever we are there is One who is watching over us, and I hope and pray he will keep you in the hollow of
[Fourth page ends here; fifth page on attached scrap of paper follows:]

His Hand and bring you [safely] home before long, and then we can talk, and that will be much better than writeing
With love from
Aunt Annie

[On reverse of attached scrap:]
Since writing your letter word as comes of Cyril Newmans Death*19