Fred Firth's WWI letters

December 15th 1908

The following was written by Fred at the age of about 13 to a friend. It is in an unstamped envelope, addressed to Master Arthur Sykes c/o John Sykes. The "little brother" mentioned is Joseph Cooper, later referred to as "Cooper", born on 26th June 1908.

Oliver Road
Nr. Huddersfield
December 25th 1908

Dear Arthur,
I thought I would just write you as letter as it is a long time [since] I heard any news from you. This morning I found on the table by my stocking a writing case which I thing will be of use to me. On the 26th of June last I had a little brother born which a family of seven including (father & mother) Grandma Firth and Mrs Schofield are keeping very well and so are the rest of us. I hope [End of page] 
you have not forgotten Marden and your old friends. Marsden has altered a great deal since you left. I am very well at presant hoping you are and written soon.

Your loving friend
Frederick C. Firth