Fred Firth's WWI letters

August 7th 1918

The following letter was written to Fred in hospital, after he was wounded, by his mother; it is addressed to Pte Fred. C. Firth 204732, 9th Battalion W.R.R., No 1 Ward Military Hospital, Woking, Surrey. It seems she had already visited him there.

Home Aug 7/18

My Dear Fred

I got your letter yesterday afternoon, I was pleased for I had been looking for one, you had written to the others but not to me. You said in Normans letter that you had got the parcel but the eggs was broken, I cannot tell how that was Fred for I had packed them in a tin so that they would not shake. & how was it, it was so long in coming, you would get the stamp alright. I will put a few more in this one. 
Isobel has been this afternoon to tell me she had a letter from you yesterday, she said she had sent you Frank's address, so try to write to him if you can for they have been very good to us, and they are so homely*21.

You do not know how glad I am you have found the chapel & are going to it, I hope it will prove a blessing to you Fred, for I believe if there is true religion anywhere you will find it there, for they preach according to Gods word, & that is what we want. I had seen it in the C.P. for August that Mr Snow was preaching the Anniversary sermons & I wondered if you would know if it was the same that was at Slaithwaite, have you spoken to anyone
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there & what kind of a chapel is its is it anything like the one we went to at Southam; or is it larger you must tell me about it, it seems a funy time to have the Anniversary on a Monday dont it Fred.
I was surprised you had not been down in Woking since we was there, havent you been very well or have you been to buisy.
I saw Mrs Wilson this morning she said George Herbert had been expecting a leave this weekend for he has been three months, but he says it is all off for this weekend she says he is disapointed, but they are thinking of going to see him at the holiday.
While I am writing this Eliner Moorhouse has come to give our Cooper his first lesson on the fiddle so we shall have some music soon they are just tuning up.
Another Old Marsdener gone in the person of Harriet @ White Syke you will know her very well, it is a blessing for she has been in bed a good while, & that is the end of things here Fred.
I will close now, hoping you are improving slowly, but surely.
With best Love

Possibly August 1918

The following is a letter from a "John" to his mother; he appears to be in hospital, perhaps war-wounded, and gives instructions for Fred (presumably Fred Firth) to visit.

Dear Mother
Just a to say I am doing nicely. I am in bed yet my Pal is up for half an hour a day. Tell Fred to ask for D Block and any one will tell where I am. Tell Teddy he wants to go see the Dr or he might be deaf all his life. I hope Janie will soon be better and the other at the Hill that are poorly. you have never told me how the pigs went on or if you have got any more. I think that is all at present
I Remain
Your Loving Son 

PS I got your letter alright and 10/- and stamps