Fred Firth's WWI letters

April 15th 1916

This letter is from Fred's mother, apparently after he had taken brief home leave.

Peel St April 5/16

My Dear Dear Fred
We received your letter this morning, you have no need to think we shall forget to write, for we are always thinking of you, even if we are not always writing. I am writing this is the room before the Bank man comes for your Aunt Martha is coming this afternoon so you know how we shall be, it will be all talk, so I thought I would write this morning. I was pleased with the P.C. you sent, we can almost see you in our imagination now that you have sent us that, it looks as though it would be nice when the weather is fine, I hope you have settled down to it again it has not upset you coming Home, I was upset when you had gone, I wish you could have seen our Jack he came and sat beside me & licked my hand & Whined & looked up at me as though he knew I was in trouble, but I have got over it now since I got the letter & we seem nearer to you since you have been over. Our Mary told me you
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had seen Mrs Eastwood & your Grandfather & that you did look upset but we thought you would phraps get over it when you got to the other lads as you seem to have done. Your Father was disappointed he could not see you he just got back about 6 o'clock he said he had time to get back but could not. We whent to Hudd yesterday as I told you, to buy a new carpet we got one but I am afraid it will be to fine, your father has bought it how much do you think he has given for it 5 pounds don't you think he is very generous he says we shall only bank a day sooner. Your Uncle David is better your father has bought his sheep off him so I think he will get well now, Mrs Gledel called last night & our Mary said she though Uncle Fred looked very quiet on Sunday, but she said he had been like that a few week now he seemed bothered about the war. I must close now or I shall never have done ready for your Aunt Martha
So God bless you my Dear lad.