Fred Firth's WWI letters

January 11th 1922

A postcard dated 11th January 1922 to Mr F.C. Firth, 19 Peel St., Marsden, Huddersfield states that he was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal for his services as No 204732, Rank Private, in the West Riding Regiment.

The following card is in an envelope addressed to Mr Fred Firth, Gate Head, Marsden, and from "Ethel" (probably Fred's future wife Ethel Beaumont). It is undated, but given the Gate Head address and the romantic flavour it was possibly sent some time between his return from war in 1918 and his marriage in 1925 It bears the words "Best Love" on the front, with decoration of holly berries, a flowery heart, and red ribbon. The message inside reads:

Kind Thoughts and Wishes
for a
Happy New Year

Just a loving thought of you
Just a wish a greeting true
From this heart of mine to say
Happy be your New Year's day
And, wherever you may be,
In your heart a thought of me
Clifton Bingham

From Ethel